Bye Bye Gitzo by robert bowes

Well today I said goodbye to Gitzo as a supplier.

After being a long time supporter of Gitzo I have finally had it with them and their lack of customer service.

After spending £350 on a GH3382QD ballheads just over a year ago the arca clamp has seized after getting wet in a rain shower , now I have used lots of different ballheads over the years and they have taken a pounding in rain , waves , snow and sandstorms but I have never had one seize until now.

The head comes with a an extended 7 year warranty , a quick call to support and it will be sorted !!!!!! how wrong I was , apparently getting a ballhead wet and it seizing isn’t covered under the warranty.

Despite me explaining that I wouldn’t expect a £350 ballhead to seize after getting wet once I was basically told tough and it would cost me £100 for it to be repaired.

That was the final straw so I have said goodbye to Gitzo and have bought a new tripod and head.

After a good deal of research and reading reviews I came upon a review by Thomas Heaton for the Ifootage Gazelle and Acratech head , having watched the review time and time again and putting it up against Benro and Manfrotto my mood was made up , Turned up tw days ago and I have to say I am impressed with the build quality of both the Gazelle and Acratech . hopefully I will be able to write a review in the next week or so.

Watch this space :)

Burnham-on-Sea Low Lighthouse by robert bowes

Well i actually ventured away from studio work today to get out and shoot something I have been want to shoot in a long time , Burnham-on-Sea Low Lighthouse is one of three light houses in Burnham-on-Sea but it is the only one that is still active.

The Low Lighthouse’s lights were inactive between 1969 and 1993 and were re-established on 31st December 1993 , The lighthouse is painted white with a single vertical red stripe on its front face and is 9m tall with a conical roof and mounted on 9 timber pilings.

At high tide the legs are completely covered so it stands all alone